Adam Glehs
Based in Northern Ontario

Well you are probably wondering; "Who Is this guy?!"

Well, curious reader, My name is Adam Glehs and I am the Owner and Operator of Left Right Media and this is my origin story!

My journey first started way back in High-School when I took a specialist class on 3D animation and computer graphics. Even tho the course was about making special effects behind the screen of a computer, we had to film short videos to add our special effect to. This gave me my first taste of being behind the camera and I was hooked!  So much in fact, that I went on to change career paths and pursue a Post-Secondary education for Video Production at Canadore College.

Since graduating, I've been Creating content locally and abroad, traveling to Vancouver, China and Mexico. I've filmed a broad spectrum of content, including music videos, co-orperate safety and tutorial videos, wedding and engagement videos, documentaries, and so on. My education and experience makes me extremely flexible to completing any production that may come my way. 

Now you may have noticed that i skipped a couple details! But lucky for you, i'm super easy to get ahold of. Feel free to contact me and ask me any questions you may have!

adam glehs

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Phone:    1 (705) 507-0354